Eyeforce, headquartered in Houston, offers remote video monitoring and access control services.

As a service provider since 1997, many of Eyeforce’s legacy sites were sending alerts via older methods such as outdoor PIR and/or beam detectors, and basic video motion detection. Accord­ingly, Eyeforce faced an increase in the rate of false alarms received due to bad alerts or triggers.

Eyeforce sought a video analytics solution with both high accuracy and low complexity, to enable optimal detection of perimeter breaches and suspicious behavior at dealers’ sites.

After testing multiple intrusion detec­tion systems, Eyeforce deployed innoVi for Central Monitoring — Agent Vi’s video intrusion detection software as a service (SaaS) — at dozens of remote sites. innoVi generates automatic alerts of security breaches in real time, accom­panied by a video clip showing the secu­rity breach.

The cameras at the remote sites were innoVi-enabled in minutes by connect­ing them to innoVi Edge — a compact appliance pre-loaded with Agent Vi soft­ware that resides at the remote site. Each camera was defined with specific detec­tion rules, ranging from perimeter breach and sterile zone monitoring applications for people and vehicles, to detection of stopped vehicles and loitering. The rules are activated according to user-defined schedules, ensuring that alerts are gener­ated for suspicious activity while legiti­mate activity in the camera’s field of view is ignored.

innoVi’s integration with Immix by SureView Systems enables alerts and accompanying video clips to appear in real time within the operator’s user inter­face. The solution is reinforced by one-way audio at customer sites, allowing operators to perform talk-down when necessary. Eyeforce operators also dis­patch guards and/or law enforcement when required.

Eyeforce’s adoption of innoVi enables automated analysis of multiple video feeds, increasing the effectiveness of their operators and the level of service to the sites they monitor.

“innoVi has helped tremendously by giving our operators better information to decipher, which in turn gives our cus­tomers better protection,” said Eyeforce CEO Daniel Forrest. “The detection accuracy and false alarm rate is one of the best that I have seen to date. We are constantly testing and searching for the best video intrusion detection products out there, and innoVi sets the bar very high.”

In particular, the video clip showing the breach which is generated by innoVi and sent in real-time to the Eyeforce control room provides the dispatched response team (guards or law enforce­ment) with video verification of the inci­dent detected, which is crucial for faster and more effective responses.

Forrest reported that multiple arrests have been made and dozens of thefts have been averted. The fact that innoVi detected the intruders in the approach zone or at the entrance to the sites, allowed for quick action by Eyeforce and the avoidance of substantial theft/ damage.

For example, when two masked men broke into a Dallas tractor dealership lot, innoVi detected the duo immediately upon crossing the perimeter and sent an instant alert to the Eyeforce control room where operators performed audio talk-down and ran the would-be thieves off the property before damage was done.

In another case, a San Francisco ware­house facility with no fence or loud­speaker system uses innoVi for perimeter coverage to warn of any approaching activity. innoVi alerted Eyeforce opera­tors to a break-in attempt, and police were sent in time to make an arrest.

Forrest commented that the advan­tages of the simple setup are immense, allowing Eyeforce’s dealers to feel com­fortable offering the service to their cus­tomers. “With innoVi’s ease of instal­lation we can take over any account anywhere in the world for a fraction of what it used to cost,” he added.