The Supernova Infinity commercial front-projection screen from dnp, Costa Mesa, Calif., allows viewing in brightly lit environments. It is a modular screen system designed to create “Videowall” style front-projection screens of almost any size and aspect ratio for commercial projection applications, such as auditoriums, boardrooms, lobbies, sports bars and retail stores. Supernova Screens are based on a high-contrast filter that allows the projected image to be reflected from the screen, while effectively absorbing incident light from other angles. As a result, the screen is virtually unaffected by ambient light. The screen is reported to reproduce contrast ratios up to 10 times greater than conventional screens. Using an aluminum structure and powerful magnets, Supernova Screens combine as building blocks to create large-scale displays which can be combined in almost endless configurations. The modular construction is customizable to the size and number of screens chosen and is quick to assemble. Seams are invisible under

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