In recognition of the collapse of the new construction markets by an average of 73 percent and in celebration of Lutron’s new wireless solutions, Lutron commissioned the design and delivery of an entirely new training series named, “How to Remodel Your Business.”

The course covers the steps necessary to transform your business into a new model that will focus on the existing home market and the wireless offerings that allow the development of that market.

According to the company, this is not a philosophical discussion of good ideas, but rather an information-packed “nuts and bolts” 16 hours of concentrated information with specific courses of action.

The course is open to any dealer interested in remodeling their business with Lutron products, and it is not limited to existing Lutron dealers.

This course will be presented by Rob Gerhardt at locations across the country throughout the year. A nominal fee of $150 includes lodging, meals and transportation from the hotel.

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