1. End-of-line resistors serve no purpose other than on a UL-listed installation.
a. True
b. False
2. All of the following are acceptable alarm transmission methods today except
a. digital dialer.
b. IP communicator.
c. pre-recorded tape dialer.
d. cellular.

 3.         Connecting a burglar alarm system to a residential phone system using Internet technology requires the use of a
a.         RJ11 interface jack.
b.         RJ31x interface jack.
c.         network interface jack.
d.         FCC approved installation.

4.         Battery calculations are not required on burglar alarm systems because there is no requirement for any extended operation after a power failure.
a.         True
b.         False

5.         The widely accepted industry standard that burglar alarm panels are manufactured to meet is
a.         MD-01
b.         ECV
c.         NFPA 731
d.         CP-01

6.         A residential sprinkler system may be connected to a residential burglar alarm panel if it is
a.         equipped with a sprinkler system zone.
b.         equipped with a dual-line dialer.
c.         listed for household fire service.
d.         capable of 24-hour standby power and 5 minutes of alarm time.

7.         To measure the resistance of an alarm circuit the technician needs a(n)
a.         manometer.
b.         multi meter.
c.         amp meter.
d.         oscilloscope.

8.         2-wire residential smoke detectors must be wired with
a.         end-of-line resistors and a power supervision module.
b.         18-gauge wire.
c.         an end-of-line resistor.
d.         a specific internal zone address.

9.         To increase standby time for a 12-volt burglar alarm system the technician should
a.         connect batteries in series.
b.         use a larger battery charger.
c.         connect batteries in parallel.
d.         use a larger transformer.

10.       Burglar alarm installations are regulated by
a.         NFPA 101
b.         UL 827
c.         NFPA 731
d.         NFPA 70

11.       Certifications for burglar alarm technicians include
a.         ESA
b.         NICET
c.         ASIS
d.         NFPA

12.       Motion detectors without a tamper switch may not be used on a commercial installation because they are not UL-listed.
a.         True
b.         False

13.       New communication methods allow burglar alarm panels to use integrated IP technology to report to a monitoring station.
a.         True
b.         False

14.       The person or entity who approves an alarm installation may be

Quiz Image One
Quiz Image Two

a.         the owner.
b.         the local building official.
c.         the insurance agent.
d.         any of the above

15.       The sum of the value of resistors connected together end-to-end is lower than the lowest resistor in the chain.
a.         True
b.         False

What’s Wrong With This?

A technician needed to finish the installation of an open circuit panic button and was missing the 2000 Ohm circuit resistor normally stocked among his supplies. He found two 1000 Ohm resistors and connected them, but the circuit still showed a fault. What did he do wrong?

5-Minute Tech Quiz Answers

1.         b  — EOLs are required to supervise the wiring and reduce the ability to tamper with the alarm circuit.
2.         c
3.         b — A network interface device also may be required.
4.         b — Overloading a burglar alarm panel may cause it to malfunction even if there is no power outage.
5.         d
6.         c
7.         b
8.         c
9.         c
10.       d — All electrical wiring installations are governed at least in part by the National Electrical Code.
11.       a — ESA offers Level 1 and Level 2 certifications for burglar alarm technicians.
12.       b
13.       a
14.       d
15.       b

Answer to: What's Wrong With This?

The alarm technician connected both resistors in parallel instead of in series and then connecting the ends of the combined resistor to the terminals of the panic button. The correct wiring schematic is illustrated here.