Window transmitter

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) announced an addition to its range of wireless devices: the 1107 Wireless Micro Window Transmitter. This low-profile device is the most inconspicuous DMP window contact available. Despite its small size, the 1107 has all of the features and power provided by other DMP wireless window transmitters. “With its very small size, the transmitter is almost unnoticeable, but still built with the reliable DMP wireless technology that home and business owners count on to protect their premises,” said DMP’s Mark NeSmith. It is a low-profile transmitter that contains a single reed switch to detect a magnet mounted on the window. A 3V coin cell battery powers the transmitter. Like all DMP wireless transmitters and sensors, the 1107 includes the Survey LED feature that makes it fast and simple for a single technician to do the whole installation.


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