Gary Fraser

Vector Security, Pittsburgh, Pa., announced that industry veteran, Gary Fraser, will be leading the company’s sales initiatives for Vector’s National Accounts Division (NAD) as its director of North American sales. Vector’s National Accounts Division has grown to become one of national retail’s most prominent suppliers of loss prevention services.

Fraser brings his well-versed experience level in many aspects of retail loss prevention technologies to Vector Security, including intrusion detection, commercial fire alarm, electronic article surveillance and video services. Since 2004, Vector has continually enlarged the scope of its overall services to retailers to improve its position in retail loss prevention.

According to Fraser, his position with Vector allows him to utilize a number of resources designed to advocate the needs of retailers.
“Vector’s National Accounts Division branded itself as a premium provider of building alarm and central station services. More recently however, Vector enlarged the scope of its brand in a number of ways to include video services and most recently, EAS services. The company’s current position allows me to use my overall industry experience to continue the great work they have already accomplished,” Fraser said.