Passive CCTV Power Integrator Hub

MuxLab Inc. announced one of its latest products for the security video industry, the Passive CCTV Power Integrator Hub. It allows video, remote power and PTZ control to be transmitted via one Cat5e/6 cable between the CCTV camera and the DVR/IP encoder in a security video environment. The product features a built-in 16-channel CCTV power supply (350VA) that supplies 24VAC or 28VAC to each camera. The hub works in conjunction MuxLab’s 500000R, 500009, 500022, 500023, 500024 and 500029 CCTV baluns, providing a centralized power/video/PTZ cabling solution for short- and medium-distance analog CCTV systems. The product supports up to 16 cameras.  

MuxLab Inc.

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