A new integrated physical security solution seeks to help streamline CFATS compliance, manage security risks and reduce overall operating costs. Bosch Security Systems, Proximex and Quantum Secure shared a joint physical security solution with key executives at a petrochemical-centric seminar held in Houston on Feb. 23, 2011. The seminar hosted physical security practitioners from leading petrochemical organizations and discussed the challenges of maintaining CFATS compliance and the benefits of a holistic approach to physical security management.

Together, the three companies presented how an integrated compliance and risk management solution can automate and enforce global physical security policies, helping to ensure both governance and compliance utilizing an organization’s existing physical security and IT infrastructure. This integration solution assists in covering 17 of 18 risk-based performance standards (RBPS), from restricting area perimeter and securing site assets to personnel surety and reporting of significant security incidents.

Specifically, this solution helps petrochemical security practitioners:

• Define, audit and enforce internal controls specific to compliance initiatives across a global and disparate physical security infrastructure.

• Centrally manage all regulations and associated controls and automate assessment, remediation and reporting as per defined review cycles.

• Automatically trigger compliance-based actions, such as rule-based generation of actions/penalties, based on physical access events.

• Correlate alarms and identities to better manage situations and responses across the global security infrastructure.

• Understand how high-performance imaging delivers detection, classification, recognition and identification level performance in the world’s most challenging environments.

• Incorporate real-time monitoring and detailed risk analysis tools to instantly enforce, maintain and report on compliance initiatives.

With a streamlined approach to managing their physical security infrastructure, petrochemical security practitioners can not only remove any lack of certainty regarding CFATS compliance, they can create a uniform, intelligible system that keeps pace with ever-changing regulations and mandates, stated a press release.

“I unquestionably enjoyed participating in this session,” said Gene Hathaway, supervisor of corporate security at a large local energy company in attendance. “It is reassuring to know that there are technologies available that can help my organization maintain a positive compliance and risk management posture and cost-effectively improve compliance.”

During the session, Bosch presented its state-of-the-art, high-performance imaging products, which it said provide unprecedented levels of visual performance to any physical security infrastructure.

Proximex presented Surveillint™, its physical security information management (PSIM) solution, which integrates alarm information and video from multiple security systems to increase incident response times, improve operational efficiency, and reduce business risk.

Quantum Secure illustrated SAFE, its award-winning physical identity and access management software suite, which helps managing identities, related-area access as well as enforce governance across diverse and disparate physical access control systems.