New Orleans-based Home Automation, (HAI), added KZValve as its latest connectivity partner. KZValve manufactures motorized valves and controls for water supplies. By connecting a water control valve to an HAI home automation system, the water supply at the home or business can be controlled remotely from a cell phone. When combined with HAI's existing sensors, the KZValve can react automatically, limiting water damage during emergencies. The valve features fast opening and closing functionality for the incoming water supply. 

The valves can also work in conjunction with existing water sensors that lack the ability to actively turn off the water supply. The devices are significant when installing a home automation system in a vacation home. Especially in cold climates, homeowners are required to manually turn the water on and off when arriving and departing. This device provides control from a cell phone thousands of miles away, reducing the risk of pipes bursting during an extreme temperature drop. Homeowners gain 24-hour access to their water supply no matter where they are positioned.