Arecont vision inbody

Arecont Vision introduced a new generation of SurroundVideo® Day/Night 8-megapixel H.264 cameras, which provide 180-deg. or 360-deg. panoramic views. Arecont Vision models AV8185DN and AV8365DN are cost-effective solutions for applications where mechanical pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) devices might otherwise be used or where multiple cameras would be needed to view expansive coverage areas. Model AV8185DN provides a 180-deg. panoramic view, using four 2-megapixel sensors that can be switched between day and night manually or automatically. The AV8365DN provides a 360-deg. day/night panoramic view, using four 2-megapixel sensors for a total image of 6400 x 1200 pixels at 22 fps. Each model combines surface-mount and in-ceiling configurations into a single model, which simplifies installation and reduces the requirement for multiple models. Also featured is an IP66-rated environmental chassis and 5.5-in. polycarbonate dome, eliminating the need for an external housing.

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