A new dealer program from Alarm Capital Alliance (ACA), Media, Penn., is designed to allow dealers to add additional cash flow without rebranding.ACA purchases accounts from alarm dealers who, in most scenarios, are staying in business and continue a relationship with the accounts they sell. According to Amy Kothari, ACA’s president and chief executive officer, the new program was initiated by request from many of ACA’s dealers who were looking for an ongoing purchase program.

ACA’s Independent Dealer Program is being officially launched at ISC West in booth No. 8047.

“Our program is very competitive with those already in the industry. We offer very aggressive multiples, flexible purchase options, specialized equipment pricing with the leading manufacturers and encourage the dealers to keep as many of their accounts as possible,” Kothari said. “As it is in our bulk acquisitions, the unique element of our program is allowing dealers to use their decals and yard signs and truly market their business in their own name. We even have their name on invoices to the subscriber. Our goal is to help Independent business owners realize their own success.”

ACA has worked with a number of dealers over the years who wanted to sell accounts on an ongoing basis. The new program will facilitate this type of ongoing partnership with dealers, creating opportunities for them to be more and more competitive, ACA said.

The company shared that its marketing approach in doing acquisitions has always been centered on the idea that some dealers just want a resource to sell accounts without having to rebrand their business. Whether that dealer is selling all of its accounts or a portion, the company wants to preserve the relationship with its customers in order to continue providing services, find new leads and allow for future upsales.

 “To date we have worked with close to 200 alarm dealers, many of which are still providing service on the accounts they sold us,” Kothari said. “We are continually reminded by our long relationships with these business owners, of how important our model is for companies that want to build brand awareness in their markets.”

ACA’s program also provides detailed, real-time reporting, via the web that allows dealers to view all activity on the accounts that they have sold as frequently as they choose.