Honeywell Security, Booth 14023 — Honeywell is demonstrating its latest software tool at ISC West 2011. The Honeywell Software Development Kit (HSDK) helps integrators tie together commercial security technology into larger building automation systems. Using graphical programming, HSDK eliminates the need to manually write code when designing integrated systems that tie security technology together with building systems such as secondary fire, lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). This approach can significantly reduce the time needed to design integrated building systems from days to a matter of hours, the company stated.

Powered by the NiagaraAX Framework® from Tridium, HSDK is available to authorized Honeywell Integrated Security (HIS) integrators who specify the company’s Pro-Watch® security management system. Pro-Watch streamlines security by bringing together access control, intrusion and video on a common platform.

Previously, the task of integrating disparate systems required software engineers to write code in a trial-and-error approach and manually configure servers, the company said. HSDK allows programs to be saved and replicated, saving integrators time by allowing them to repurpose existing code as appropriate. HSDK also ensures the integrated system will be compatible with future versions of Honeywell security technology and software releases.

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