Pinnacle Security, Orem, Utah, announced it will help establish a new industry association in participation with several Utah-based alarm companies called the Alarm Management Association of Utah.

Utah’s residential security companies are responsible for a significant percentage of the Utah economy. With several major companies beginning and growing in Utah, Pinnacle felt it was important to establish standards and practices that enhance the positive contributions made by these companies and increase education and awareness of the residential security industry as well as eliminate industry challenges. 

The group will be a collaborative resource for its members, sharing best practices and providing direction and guidance in the residential security market.
“The residential security industry represents hundreds of millions of dollars to Utah’s economy, provides thousands of Utah jobs and helps families across the country protect their homes, businesses and families,” said Kelly Walker, chief executive officer, Pinnacle Security. “We are proud of our industry and are creating this association to establish standards and practices that will further build consumer confidence, protect the industry and enable its growth.”

Meetings will be held every other month on topics including licensing, installation, tax compliance, technology, customer service, legal issues and attrition.
“Utah is home to many of the top residential security companies in the country,” said Jason Knapp, president, Alarm Management Association of Utah. “These companies are the result of Utah ingenuity, entrepreneurism and incredible resourcefulness. More importantly, companies are attracting the attention of major private equity partners across the country, reviewing potential acquisitions and building bridges to converging technology markets that will continue to bring revenue and business opportunities to the Utah landscape. They are a significant asset to economic development in Utah.”

The association’s core values include: establishing best practices, sharing ideas in a collaborative environment, operating ethically and improving the reputation of the industry.