Sony Electronics Security Solutions Group announced a new initiative that, according to the company, marks a fundamental improvement in delivering security systems. By partnering with industry-leading systems integrators, Sony will deliver “market-wise” targeted solutions to key vertical markets that solve unique customer problems. 

“Our cameras are among the best in the world, and our market-wise initiative ensures that customers put these to better use for their specific application,” said Mark Collett, general manager, Sony Electronics Security Solutions Group. “Working with our new stable of partners allows us to share their customer focus in providing services to specific businesses and locations, thus providing the most effective solution for our end users.”

Sony initially plans to focus on installations in the following verticals: critical infrastructure, public safety, law enforcement, transportation, government, military, utilities, healthcare, education/campus, retail, stadiums, cinema, and residential. At ISC West, Sony showcased some of these vertical solutions on the show floor in conjunction with key partners Envysion, GamePlan Technologies, NextLevel and Vidsys.        

According to Sony, the market-wise initiative has a sharp focus on proper design and deployment of solutions and recognizes that the technical excellence of Sony’s security products shows its real worth when put to good use.

“Each of our partners are leaders in designing and deploying systems that offer security along with other value-added services to create mission critical solutions for customers. We share that focus — It’s a win-win for customers,” said Collett.