Microwave sensor

Senstar Corporation launched its newest generation microwave — µltraWave™, an all-digital volumetric sensor that provides advanced warning to security forces of unwanted intrusions. Key benefits of µltraWave include ease of use, powerful networking capabilities, and long-term reliability, Senstar reported. µltraWave’s sophisticated detection algorithms look for specific responses that discriminate real intrusions from environmental effects. It comes with a Windows-based software configuration tool with intuitive screens. Calibration is streamlined with minimal settings and sensor response data can be viewed and recorded in real-time to evaluate sensor probability of detection (Pd) and nuisance alarm rates (NAR). Highly stable RF sources allow for 10 operating channels, allowing even the densest concentration of microwaves. µltraWave works with Senstar’s Silver Network™ that unleashes the benefits of reliable alarm communication, remote setup and diagnostics using the same Windows® screens as used at the processor, and a flexible IP/Ethernet interface to the security management system.

Senstar Corporation
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