The New York Fire Alarm Association, which represents the fire alarm industry in the greater New York City Area, has successfully obtained authorization from the New York State, Department of State, Division of Licensing to permit NY State Article 6D alarm license holders the production of a raised “stamping seal” made in strict accordance with a drawing submitted by the NYFAA and approved by the State.

The seal and signature of the Article 6D Alarm Professional Licensee on a document indicates that the licensee takes professional responsibility for the work and to the best of the licensee’s knowledge and ability, the work represented in the document is accurate, in conformance with applicable codes at the time of submission and has been prepared in conformance with normal and customary standards of practice and with a view to the safeguarding of life, health, property and public welfare. The intention of this seal is not to replace or qualify as an alternate for the seal required by a registered architect or engineer. It is anticipated that use of the approved seal will benefit all parties involved where the identification and signature of a 6D Licensee is required on documents.

The request by the NYFAA for documented state approval of the production of a “seal/stamp” for NY State Licensed Alarm Professionals was precipitated by a provision in the new NYC Fire Code that permits N.Y. State licensed alarm professionals to sign and seal attesting to the functional operation of fire alarm systems per the I/O matrix.

The NYFAA embarked on this campaign to express to the Department of State the importance of a state-authorized stamp/seal for 6D holders. After several months of communications and prototype “seal” drawings being submitted by the NYFAA, the state accepted and approved the final submittal.

The NYFAA expresses its appreciation to the New York State, Department of State for its recognition of the industry.