Bold Technologies experienced its largest increase in growth during the past 10 years with a 45 percent growth rate in 2010, the company announced. Bold Technologies had been anticipating a good year with a new product release and better positioning in the market, aggressively estimating a 25-percent-growth margin over the course of the year, but the company attained that target in mid-October 2010.

Over the previous four years, despite a recessionary economy, Bold Technologies has experienced 16 percent (2006), 38 percent (2007), 32 percent (2008) and 23 percent (2009) growth, marking five straight years of double digit growth, the company reported.

“The consistent growth is a reflection on the maturity of Manitou as a product and the demand in the marketplace for automation systems to do more,” stated Bold Technologies president, Rod Coles. Manitou was released in 2002 and, with the continued involvement of a growing customer base, the product has become more robust, driven by the needs of a varied customer market and delivered by two development teams. One development team continues to focus on current customer needs and designing greater efficiency and functionality in the system. The second looks for revenue generating opportunities for central stations and designs continued integration with new technologies and products.

Bold Technologies has currently focused a development project team toward the PSIM market. Directly parallel with central station monitoring, this research and development will bolster the central station deployment as well as adding new market opportunities.