Agilence Inc., Camden, N.J., a provider of point-of-service (POS) video auditing™ solutions, purchased the assets of video analytics company Vidient Systems Inc. Agilence plans to modify and extend the technology and combine it with its Hawkeye™ platform to offer new applications and benefits for the transportation and retail industries.

Vidient’s video analytics solution has primarily been employed by the transportation industry. The software analyzes video feeds, recognizes suspicious activities, and then can report these activities to end users and other systems. The software can monitor secure areas, parking lots, exit lanes, loitering people, stopped cars, and abandoned objects. Agilence will adapt the solution to provide additional use cases, including people and vehicle counting, wait and dwell time assessment, and congestion detection.

“Vidient devoted significant time and resources to developing their technology and fine-tuning the performance of their analytics,” stated Derek Rodner, vice president, product development, Agilence. “After evaluating the solution’s performance, we determined that this would be a smart investment for Agilence and the markets that we serve.” <p>