SIGNET Electronic Systems Inc., Norwell, Mass., a privately held system integrator operating in New England, acquired American Business Telephone Company Inc. (ABT), a Chestnut Hill, Mass.-based telecommunications technologies firm. With an expanded focus on telecommunications technology, the asset purchase makes SIGNET one of the largest telecommunications system integrators in the region.

“SIGNET already provides customized communications solutions based on the unique needs of each of our client’s businesses,” said Bradford Caron, president and owner of SIGNET. “We’re excited that this expansion gives us the opportunity to provide those solutions for more businesses and organizations.”

The purchase of ABT is SIGNET’s third acquisition within a six-year period. In Feb. 2006, SIGNET acquired Executone of Rhode Island, a telecommunications company serving southern New England; and in May 2008, SIGNET acquired the telecommunications technology portion of the New Hampshire-based IDeACOM Integrated Technologies Inc. expanding its focus on network consulting and management services. With the purchase of ABT, SIGNET again increased its customer base, now spanning three states.

SIGNET and ABT share more than technology; they share culture, the company said. In addition to inheriting ABT’s customers, SIGNET is looking forward to the majority of the ABT staff coming on board. “Like SIGNET,” said Caron, “ABT is a family-owned, employee-centric company, and it’s important to SIGNET to grow our own family with those who share our values.”