Andersen and Honeywell Security

Honeywell , Melville, N.Y.  and Andersen Corporation are collaborating to provide a system that allows security alarms to alert homeowners if their windows or doors are unlocked. The VeriLock™ sensor technology embeds Honeywell’s 5800 series of wireless sensors inside the locking mechanisms of a select group of windows and patio doors manufactured by Eagle Window & Door Manufacturing Inc., a subsidiary of Andersen Corporation.

Similar technology can only detect if a window or door is open or closed. VeriLock sensors can detect whether they are actually locked or unlocked, in addition to open or closed.

“Statistics show a large number of home invasions are the result of an intruder simply walking in, and not ‘breaking in,’” said John Kovach, Honeywell’s global director of marketing for sensor products. “Whether it’s people rushing out of the house or simply going to bed forgetting to lock up, it’s easy to leave a door or window unlocked and easily accessible. This is the only technology to offer another layer of home protection.”

VeriLock sensors will initially be available on Eagle Axiom® casement and awning windows, Talon® double-hung windows, and Ascent® hinged French patio doors and sliding patio doors. The sensor devices are ideal for single-family homes, multi-unit light commercial dwellings such as assisted-living complexes and remodel projects. In addition to security, VeriLock sensor technology can help reduce home energy use by notifying homeowners when doors and windows are unlocked .

“Windows and doors are a home’s first layer of protection for both comfort and security.  It’s important to make that layer ‘smarter’ for added protection.” said Holly Boehne, senior vice president of Andersen Corporation’s research, development and innovation. “Honeywell and Andersen have a legacy of brand trust that homeowners can rely on for market leading products, reliability and quality. This relationship brings together the winning combination of two great brands and a state of the art solution to give peace of mind to homeowners.”

The VeriLock sensor technology is available January 1, 2012 on Eagle products from select Andersen window and door dealers in North America.

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