Magalign, Inc. productMagalign Inc., Santa Cruz, Calif., produced a new product invention, which was designed in response to requests from homeowners and alarm installers for a magnet that greatly improves sliding window and door venting. Capable of functioning with virtually any reed switch, Magalign is a simple, effective, low-profile installation — being only 5/16-inch tall. Magalign can be flushed mounted to 1/8 inch.

Most reed switches (also called magnetic contact switches) work by magnetic induction. Reed switches come with two parts: the reeds in one contact point and the magnet in another. There are two conductive reeds within a housing with a magnetic force that keeps the two reeds touching one another, thus completing a circuit. When the magnetic force is removed the reeds separate, triggering an alarm requiring disarming and rearming of the system. These two pieces are installed on windows and doors so that they are touching (the magnet is creating a complete circuit) when the door or window is closed. If opened at all, the alarm sounds when the system is armed. One way the industry provides venting is with a second magnet mounted at a fixed position such as 6 inches. The problem with this solution is if the opening is moved while the alarm is armed, then the alarm system triggers.

The Magalign product solves the all-or-nothing, open-or-closed approach. Homeowners appreciate the ability to ventilate their homes and allow cool or warm air to enter and/or exit while keeping the home secure. Magalign allows adjustment of the opening as needed. It offers a unique solution that permits protected openings to be adjusted, opened or closed while the alarm system is still active and armed.

Conceived by an installation technician, Magalign’s patented magnetic assembly allows up to 6 inches of continuous controlled movement without breaking magnetic contact and tripping the alarm. This grants homeowners the ability to arm their system while still permitting the venting of a window or door. The magnetic assembly maintains an extended influence of approximately 6 inches wide with a 1-inch gap.

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