SightLogix_sensorSightLogix, Princeton, N.J., a supplier of outdoor area and perimeter security video systems, announces a new generation SightSensor thermal camera that takes thermal analytics to mainstream pricing. According to the company, the new SightSensor builds upon its heritage of accuracy in the outdoors to produce the clearest thermal images and even better analytics at a greatly reduced cost. This has been achieved by doubling the SightSensor’s on-board image processing, reducing the costs of the electronics and housing and streamlining manufacturing. The Thermal SightSensor consists of a thermal imager, complete with lens optics, electronic stabilization, image contrast enhancement, video analytics software, camera control, and geospatial target tracking within a ruggedized, NEMA 4X nitrogen-purged housing. Cost-effective for both shorter (90m) and longer (600m) ranges, new SightSensor outdoor thermal cameras leverage powerful on-board video processing for high probability of detect (PD) and low nuisance alarm rates (NAR) while providing crisp, clear images night and day.

“The new generation Thermal SightSensor takes the most accurate outdoor security available and makes it affordable for mainstream markets,” said John Romanowich, president and chief executive officer, SightLogix. “The SightSensor brings thermal video analytics to price parity with visible cameras and other modalities for perimeter security.”

In addition to thermal, the new SightSensor camera is also available in a lower-cost day/night visible version.

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