G4S Secure Solutions Inc. became a corporate partner with the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators Inc. (IACLEA). The G4S partnership, under a program developed to honor IACLEA’s 50 years of service, will support initiatives to enhance campus public safety at higher education institutions around the world.

As a Titanium Plus Corporate Sponsor, G4S pledged a significant donation to support IACLEA’s mission and future initiatives. G4S is also the organization’s first Accreditation Program sponsor. G4S will join IACLEA as both organizations:

  • Highlight the importance of campus public safety; 
  • Support initiatives to strengthen campus public safety; 
  • Expand the impact of campus public safety programs at higher education institutions;
  • Promote the value of the service to stakeholders worldwide.

“G4S is delighted to be a Titanium Plus Sponsor and we look forward to providing public safety education and best practices by drawing upon our vast expertise and experience from around the world,” said John Pack, G4S Director of Higher Education.

G4S specializes in developing individualized manpower and technology solutions for the campus environment while providing the right people, budget-minded processes and state-of-the-art technology. G4S develops security and safety solutions for community colleges, private colleges and universities, state university and for-profit colleges and universities, delivering quality services and integrated solutions for educators and administrators.