Honeywell announced a new training and certification program to help integrators become proficient with the company’s Pro-Watch® Integration Kit, a software development kit designed to create smarter buildings that fold security into building management functions.

The new Pro-Watch Integration Program is open to authorized Honeywell Integrated Security (HIS) integrators and combines professional training, certification and graphical toolsets into a single offering. This reduces development time to help certified integrators get solutions to market faster.

“The reality of our industry today is that security technology needs to provide much more than just security, and the Pro-Watch Integration Kit is one of the primary tools integrators can use to deliver that additional value,” said Brandon Reich, director of Customer Marketing, Honeywell Systems. “This technology helps turn security into a productivity tool that enhances business operations.”

The Pro-Watch Integration Kit, which is powered by the NiagaraAX Framework® and compatible with Pro-Watch Corporate Edition version 3.81 and higher, drives integration to third-party systems to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies in building management. This allows integrators to tie everything from access control to video surveillance with building controls such as temperature, lighting, energy management and fire systems. It also provides an easy way to build customized apps and modules that integrate physical security with building management systems. 

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