control panels

Bosch Security Systems Inc. introduced enhanced versions of its G Series control panels for intrusion, access control and fire alarm monitoring. The GV4 panels offer support for more users, faster performance and enhancements that enable easier installation and system upgrades. With four times the number of users as previous G Series systems, the control panels provide simpler programming and operation. GV4 panels support the assignment of individual pass codes, key fobs or other credentials for up to 1,000 people, opening up new installation opportunities for integrators, as the panels are now suitable for a wider range of applications. The panels also incorporate a new microprocessor operating at 96 MHz, delivering faster keypad responses. Multiple communicators, including the Conettix B420 Ethernet communication module, allow for dual, simultaneous, wired IP and cellular communications. The GV4 also has the support of DNS for remote programming and central station communication.

Bosch Security Systems Inc.