Digimerge product

Toronto-based SureView Systems, developer of Immix® video-based automation platform, and Digimerge, developer and manufacturer of CCTV equipment, announced the integration of Digimerge Touch Series DVRs into Immix®.

The Immix software platform operates in commercial central stations or private command centers and consolidates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface, according to a statement from Digimerge. Immix enables central stations and command centers to deliver monitoring services such as event-based video verification, interactive monitoring, remote guard tours, video escorts, and unattended deliveries. Immix also is able to reduce guarding costs and deliver new services by consolidating video, access control, audio and alarms into a single point of control.

 “Our customers were looking for an efficient way to manage the video and alarms from their Digimerge video systems in a central station setting. Immix delivered on this goal with a rich integration that takes advantage of the strengths of our video recording solutions. Now, when alarms from Touch Series DVRs are recognized at central stations running the Immix platform, immediate event verification will be available. This capability has become very important as some states are now legally requiring such verification before dispatching police,” said Digimerge’s executive vice president, Wayne Hurd.

Visit these companies at www.SureViewSystems.com and www.digimerge.com.