Home automation products

Home Automation Inc. (HAI) now has stand-alone integration with an HAI MicroControl and Kwikset ZigBee wireless door locks. HAI’s MicroControl (part number 81A00-2WHZB) is a standalone remote control for ZigBee wireless door locks. This functionality means that a home or business owner, without any other automation equipment, can wirelessly lock and unlock individual doors with a simple button push. They also can use the same MicroControl to coordinate all of their wireless energy management devices, including thermostats and load control modules for compressors, generators, chillers, water heaters, pumps, fountains, and more.  The MicroControl provides homeowners or building managers a status of each lock and the ability to lock or unlock specific door locks.

In addition to stand-alone functionality, the MicroControl and ZigBee wireless door locks can be fully integrated into an HAI Omni or Lumina home control system. Users gain the ability to lock and unlock up to 16 doors from HAI Ethernet touchscreens, keyfobs, and remotely via mobile Apple/Android devices. The HAI controller can lock and unlock the locks, in addition to monitoring the state of the locks.  HAI systems even may be configured to automatically set lighting, music, and temperature based on the locked/unlocked status of the door.

The ZigBee integration has been specifically verified with the Black & Decker Kwikset SmartCode locks, but it should work with other locks that support the standard ZigBee Home Automation profile lock cluster.

“HAI has lots of customers using the MicroControl as a stand-alone energy management system,” explained Jay McLellan, HAI president and CEO. “The ability to use the same infrastructure to integrate security in the form of wireless door locks is an affordable option for many retrofit situations or new construction.”

For information, visit www.homeauto.com.