Remote Test Capable photoelectric detector (2251BR)

With the launch of a Remote Test Capable photoelectric detector (2251BR), System Sensor added remote testing capability to the updated DNR and watertight NEMA DNRW InnovairFlex intelligent duct smoke detector housing. The 2251BR detector can be identified by the “Remote Test Capable” text printed on the detector cover. The detector enables updated DNR(W) duct smoke detectors to be tested remotely when used in conjunction with RTS151 or RTS151KEY remote test stations. This eliminates the need for the DCOIL or external 24 V power to duct smoke installations, thereby reducing the additional first cost and installation labor associated with the DCOIL and pulling external power. The InnovairFlex duct smoke detector can accommodate multiple installation footprints to overcome mounting constraints. It has a temperature range of –4 deg. F to 158 deg. F.

System Sensor