Security surveillance

Axis Communications announced the Axis Camera Companion, an IP video solution for small installations. Consisting of a free software client for 1 to 16 Axis network cameras or video encoders with SD card support, the solution requires only Ethernet cabling and a standard switch/router to stream and record surveillance video. Axis Camera Companion does not require a central recording device such as a digital video recorder, network video recorder or computer to operate. While a laptop or PC is required for initial setup, the Camera Companion solution runs entirely inside the camera or encoder, and then only needs the free software client to monitor and record video. All images are recorded onto a standard SD memory card at the edge and the cameras and encoders keep recording even in the event of a network failure. Axis Camera Companion software supports motion detection and pan/tilt/zoom control. Video clips and snapshots can be exported at the touch of a button. Third-party apps are available for mobile devices.

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