Honeywell offers its 4981 CAT 5e UTP communication cable specifically designed for bandwidth-intensive IP video networks, providing needed reliability, high-speed data transfer and future scalability. Honeywell 4981 cables help users achieve near fiber-optic transmission quality video due to excellent interference rejection. The tightly twisted UTP cable protects signals from outside interference (EMI/RFI) as well as from internal interference from the other pair and conductors, resulting in streaming real-time IP video that is consistently sharp and clear. Honeywell 4981 cable consists of two 24 AWG solid bare conductors that carry power to a camera or other network device, along with two pairs of CAT 5e 24 AWG cables tested to 350 MHz to future-proof the network. Cables are available in 500- and 100-ft. tangle-free speed boxes or in a reel-in-a-box wire dispensing system.