As we all take a break mid-week to celebrate America's Independence Day, the 4th of July, it is a great time to look back on our history. There are so many great stories that came out of America’s struggle of independence and freedom. I read this quote the other day and it got me thinking. Nathan Hale remarked to Captain William Hull, who had attempted to dissuade him from volunteering for a spy mission for General Washington, September, 1776, that “I am not influenced by the expectation of promotion or pecuniary reward. I wish to be useful, and every kind of service necessary for the public good, and become honorable by being necessary.” I’d like to think that is the attitude of a great security company. The services provided are not simply for profit, but a “service necessary for the public good.” Would you consider the security industry and the services it offers protecting lives and property a “service necessary for the public good?” Share your thoughts in the comments below. Happy Fourth of July!