1.         ______ may be a part of an access control system, which also consists of software, card readers and controllers.

a.         Optical turnstiles

b.         Baffle gates

c.         Barrier bars

d.         All of the above

e.         None of the above


2.         The main door of a building used for evacuation should have which type of locking device?

a.         Fail Lock

b.         Fail Safe

c.         Both Fail Lock and Fail Safe

d.         Either Fail Safe or Fail Lock

e.         None of the above


3.         When multiple access control panels are wired in a straight line from panel to panel, this is known as a

a.         IP chain.

b.         transparent communication.

c.         parallel loop.

d.         serial loop.


4.         Installing a REX at a door would mean you installed a

a.         returning execution command.

b.         request-to-exit device.

c.         reader for exit only.

d.         All of the above

e.         None of the above


5.         When installing a turnstile, which of  the following is not a concern?

a.         Injury to a person getting stuck in the bars.

b.         Someone climbing over or under the turnstile.

c.         Someone from passing their access card back to someone  else to use.

d.         All of the above

e.         None of the above


6.         Electromagnetic interference is more likely to affect turnstiles because of the metallic construction than with other types of access controlled entry systems.

a.         True

b.         False


7.         The Life Safety Code is based on the standards from

a.         UL.

b.         ETL.

c.         CE.

d.         NFPA.

e.         None of the above


8.         A “door open” contact when referred to in access control is

a.         usually an optional device.

b.         used to generate an alert if the controlled door remains open.

c.         not necessary in distributed systems.

d.         installed in the access control panel door to detect someone opening the panel.

e.         part of the alarm system.


9.         A biometric reader is

a.         a device that reads the fingerprint of a person.

b.         a device that reads the geometry of the hand of an individual.

c.         a device to scan the retina of an individual.

d.         a device that can recognize a person by listening when the person speaks.

e.         All of the above


10.       Every telephone entry system needs a dedicated phone line in order to operate.

a.         True

b.         False


11.       There is no difference between a residential gate opener and a commercial gate opener besides the width or height of the gate.

a.         True

b.         False


12.       According to UL 325, gate openers are not required to have an override in a power failure or an emergency for security purposes.

a.         True

b.         False


13.       A ______ is a form of gate that allows one person to pass at a time. It can also be made to enforce one-way traffic of people, and, additionally, it can restrict passage only to people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or similar.

a.         mantrap

b.         turnstile

c.         barrier bar

d.         TSA door


14.       There are special turnstiles that are specifically designed and easy to use for handicapped or obese people.

a.         True

b.         False


15.       The easiest type of access control device to defeat is a

a.         magnetic lock.

b.         strike.

c.         turnstile.

d.         sheer lock.

e.         None, they are all designed to restrict access.


Access Control diagram

What’s Wrong With This?

An alarm technician was installing a man trap — typical for a jewelry store or pawn shop — but the doors weren’t working as they should for a man trap. The technician checked the programming but everything looked okay. Excluding the programming, can you see the physical issue that the technician overlooked?


Access Control diagram

Answer to: What’s Wrong With This?

The technician failed to include a door contact on each of the doors. Therefore, the control panel had no way of knowing when to open or lock the other door. In a man trap, one door must close and relock before the opposing door is permitted to open.


5-Minute Tech Quiz Answers

1.         d

2.         b — Depending upon the type of occupancy, the Life Safety Code specifically identifies the types of permissible devices and when they can be used.

3.         c

4.         b

5.         e

6.         b

7.         e — Written by the NFPA, the LSC is a stand-alone document from which other standards and criteria are established.

8.         b

9.         e

10.       b — Some telephone entry systems use a combination of relays to choose a line and transmit the signal.

11.       b — Residential gate openers are designed for lighter duty and less cycles than a commercial gate opener.

12.       b

13.       b

14.       a

15.       c — This is why certain locations have removed standard turnstiles for other types of control devices, including full-height enclosed turnstiles.