Photo courtesy of SIGNET Electronic Systems. Dan Chauvin, vice president, SIGNET Electronic Systems, Norwell, Mass. 


As Norwell, Mass.-based SIGNET Electronic Systems Inc. approaches its 40th anniversary, a recent contract award could take business in a new direction – and increase the company’s profitability.

Last month, the General Services Administration (GSA) awarded SIGNET a five-year contract, 03FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management – Smart Buildings Systems Integrator. SIGNET is no stranger to government work, having contracts to provide integrated security and whole building services for agencies in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but this is its first foray into government at the federal level.

According to Dan Chauvin, SIGNET’s vice president, the GSA contract is a game-changer – one which the company has big plans to capitalize on in a major way. In fact, he adds, the contract will in many ways shape SIGNET’s business and growth strategies moving forward.

“[Government] is a very small percentage of our business as we speak. You could say we look at it as an opportunity-type sale,” he said. “With this contract, we now have a focus on government. It’s an extreme growth opportunity, and we believe that within five years, we’re going to double our business.”

The Smart Systems Integrator designation identifies SIGNET as qualified to provide comprehensive integration for government facilities. Those services include building automation, life safety, telecommunications, facilities management, security, energy and environmental control, HVAC, lighting, access control, video surveillance, data network and much more.

The GSA award was the culmination of a 14-month process, during which SIGNET underwent a rather exhaustive application and evaluation process. The company also got tremendous benefit from that process, and all the work that went into it, Chauvin said.

“Not only does the GSA contract lend itself to increased revenues, but we now have a real understanding how the government plays, especially understanding how projects are procured,” he said “Just getting involved with that process, that itself is going to lend itself to additional sales. The contract and the GSA schedule that we’re now on, we’ll be able to address opportunities in that space.”

While the GSA contract doesn’t guarantee SIGNET will win specific contracts, but it does make the company part of the conversation for government projects.

“It lets you get invited to more opportunities, and it also speaks to your skillset. Plus, it’s such a limited group of people, so it’s not like you’re putting it out to the whole world,” he said. “We were very excited to that we’ve been awarded the contract, and we think that it’s essential to our growth. That excitement is resonating throughout our company.”