Ethernet Switch

Samsung Techwin America announced its Video Optimized Ethernet Switches. The Samsung iES4028FP L2 and the iBG2016 L3 Ethernet Switches provide PoE and/or non-PoE switching ports in a single RU chassis with a choice of 10/100/1000 uplink speeds as well as a full suite of WAN connectivity. Advanced quality of service (QoS) features ensure minimal latency and maximum bandwidth utilization while on-board intelligence allows up to 36 switches to be managed in a logical group using a single IP address. The high-performance 10/100 Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet switches with gigabit options, offer 24 ports that can be managed from anywhere on the network through a standard Web browser. Both port-based and 802.1Q (tagged-based) VLAN configurations as well as layer 3 IP-based VLANs are supported with additional capabilities for monitoring traffic and managing multicast groups as well as QoS for IP telephony. PoE is supported in all access ports.

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