THRIVE Intelligence, Dallas, is debuting at ASIS 2012. THRIVE’s video security as a service offering integrates event-based video monitoring, edge-based analytics, audio intervention, GPS tracking, and other alarm monitoring services. THRIVE 360, the company’s flagship combination of technologies, analytics, and real-time monitoring, comes together in THRIVE’S national central command center, located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Dean Wilson, chief executive officer of THRIVE, said, “We have created a single platform that combines islands of technology into a simple, intuitive interface for event management, providing quicker notification to first responders, reducing false alarms, and ultimately, increasing safety and security. That we can offer this as a cost-effective, turnkey solution enhances the value for both integrators and end users.”

Using by edge-based analytics, THRIVE 360 is an end-to-end video surveillance solution that watches and proactively intervenes during an event. Security rules and protocols are determined and entered into the THRIVE Intelligence system according to each customer’s specifications.

When an alarm or event occurs, it is immediately reviewed by personnel at the company’s command center. The fully redundant facility, with full disaster recovery capabilities, provides monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 

Live footage of events can be streamed directly to customers and law enforcement officers en route via a smartphone, tablet or computer.  In addition, incident reports and non-event footage in storage are provided with the service.

“THRIVE 360 delivers a flexible, scalable infrastructure that integrates new equipment, or leverages existing installations, to perform a significant number of applications, from basic presence and perimeter monitoring, to RFID and GPS tracking, to advanced business intelligence applications such as directional flow analysis,” added Wilson.  “Thus, while our solution delivers some of the most advanced capabilities available in the private market, it does so easily, cost-effectively, and with as little disruption as possible.”

The company is also introducing a partner program that provides integrators with dependable, predictable income streams, and as a result, reduces the need to pursue one-time, low-margin installation projects, the company stated.  Integrators who sell THRIVE 360 will receive a monthly revenue split for the life of the contract.

Integrators who offer monitoring services to commercial customers at THRIVE’s top service level can receive up to a $15 per month, per camera commission for the life of the customer relationship, with no cap on the number of cameras. Monthly monitoring for commercial end users costs approximately $60 per month, per camera. 

To serve customers with legacy camera installations, whether analog or IP, THRIVE offers an intelligent appliance that plugs into the customer’s network and sends the video signal back to THRIVE’S command center. 

THRIVE plans a similar residential video security offering in late 2012.

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