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Keep Your IP (KYIP), a provider of secure IP address forwarding services for the security industry, has a unique offering. The company was founded by telecommunications professional Davin Roos, director of sales and marketing and principal. Its name simply describes what the company does: gives dealers ownership of their IP and flexibility to reroute communications.

By providing unique IP forwarding to alarm professionals, KYIP expects to become the go-to company for moving customers from dial-up to IP alert signaling.

Roos noted that they have found no other company in the market that has an IP forwarding service created just for the alarm industry and its particular needs.

“We understand the concepts of ‘always on,’ and that ‘being down’ is not an option,” Roos affirmed. “It’s in our blood, it’s what we do and everything we do centers around this philosophy. We do everything we can do to make sure that when you need us we are there.”

KYIP employs telecommunications engineers, web designers and back end integration specialists, all with central station experience. The principals bring almost 100 years of combined experience in these fields.

KYIP has two standard offerings. Each IP address is unique and its destination monitoring station address can be changed.

The first is the alarm panel alert IP forwarding service which offers dealers two IP addresses allowing them to use the primary/secondary configurations available in most alarm panels, Roos explained. The second and newest offering is an IP forwarding service for Videofied signals, which has been tested to meet the exacting requirements of Videofied.

Most dealers will only need one IP address for their customer base. However, KYIP recommends a secondary backup IP address for panels with this feature. Roos said the typical dealer spends less than $40 per month including a redundant backup IP.

“Today, the IPs in use by the alarm industry are a scarce commodity,” Roos added. “And although we have been given the rights to thousands, we cannot be assured that there will always be more to offer.”

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