HawkEye Site mapping moduleThe HawkEye Effect released its HawkEye Site mapping module that can be integrated into security systems and video management software, such as Milestone XProtect. In addition, the module incorporates IP cameras and sensors such as Optex Redscan IP laser detectors, which can provide the precise coordinates of an intrusion. As part of the HawkEye suite of products, the software can then trigger CCTV PTZ cameras to track and record the intruder real-time, at high zoom levels, providing crucial visual detail. To provide complete situational awareness, security personnel can access multiple camera feeds and sensor reads with a click within a single screen of the VMS. The software also allows links to alarms or networks for additional logical security measures, such as locking doors, disabling access controls or shutting down machinery in the precise area of the intruder’s location.

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