Monitor Dynamics’ Trusted FICAM Platform was recognized with the 4BF Award for Innovation by the recent 4 Bridges Forum (4BF), a coalition of the nation’s leading federated identity trust hubs.

The Trusted FICAM Platform uses public key infrastructure (PKI) credentials that are resistant to fraud, meet federal standards, minimize risk and protect critical assets while also complying with a broad range of identity mandates to converge physical and logical security and allow information to be shared and anomalies can be detected and tracked within both systems worldwide. The solution’s “PKI at the reader” structure allows it to be combined with biometric authentication, which ties the credential to the holder, increasing the assurance and non-transferability of credentials.

The 4BF was formed to facilitate trusted electronic business transactions across federal agencies, U.S.-based pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, aerospace, defense, colleges and universities. These organizations rely on 4BF member trust hubs for a variety of security purposes.

Each individual member trust hub validates a participant’s identity across the entire federation and work together to achieve several common goals, including:

  • Improving identity management
  • Increasing the secure exchange of confidential and other sensitive information
  • Minimizing the risk of identity-based cyber-attacks and exposure to hackers
  • Maximizing the efficiencies of the Internet and reducing business costs achieving identity portability
  • Improving interoperability
  • Improving compliance with government privacy and other regulations and automatically creating auditable digital records
  • Leveraging employer-issued credentials to authenticate to partner systems