Aegis Fire & Integrated Services has installed FAAST detectors like this throughout a data center in Florida to provide early-warning detection and prevent false discharge of connected suppression systems.

A number of high-value, high-security facilities across the country have implemented Silent Knight’s FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) aspiration detector from System Sensor to provide highly accurate, early-warning smoke detection.

The detector uses two optical sensing technologies and advanced algorithms to deliver rapid, precise protection in even the most challenging environments and serve as an integral part of Silent Knight’s Farenhyt fire alarm system.

Orange Park, Fla.-based Aegis Fire & Integrated Services has installed FAAST detectors at two highly critical facilities that needed advanced detection.

“We just tied two FAAST detectors to an IFP-2000 system in a switch gear room at a power plant,” says Mike Griffis of Aegis Fire & Integrated Security. “That’s a very harsh environment, containing a lot of high-voltage equipment. A fire there, even a small one, could be catastrophic.”

The FAAST aspiration detector draws air samples into its sensor through a pipe network. Its dual-source sensing technology uses a highly sensitive blue LED to sense smoke, while an infrared laser distinguishes particulates from smoke. A series of complex algorithms then are used to interpret signals from both sources to warn of smoke up to 60 minutes before combustion while also preventing nuisance alarms and the false discharge of connected suppression systems. The FAAST detector’s ability to trigger advanced smoke warnings at different stages of a fire is essential for properties where downtime must be minimized to prevent data loss and avoid smoke, fire and water damage.

“A false discharge in something like a server room could be a huge liability. We’re in the process of installing more FAAST units in a nearby data center that serves a number of high-profile clients,” Griffis says. “They need both the speed and accuracy these special detectors provide.”

Silent Knight systems that use FAAST can also protect facilities where evacuation is difficult, such as hospitals, prisons and stadiums.