SignalTEK II Qualifier from Ideal Industries NetworksThe SignalTEK II Qualifier from Ideal Industries Networks helps integrators ensure their installed IP systems are in working order by testing and troubleshooting critical functions required for IP physical security system success. SignalTEK II verifies that the system’s copper or fiber cabling is capable of supporting bandwidth-heavy, IP-based video surveillance applications over 10/100 Megabit or Gigabit Ethernet. Next, SignalTEK II will test IP connections, validating proper DHCP and static IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, testing Internet and cloud connections with Ping and Trace Route, and ensuring connectivity to NVRs, video clients, decoders and wireless nodes. It will also load test network capacity between cameras and the NVR, storage and client locations, and simulate MJPEG or H.264 cameras. SignalTEK II generates documentation verifying network connectivity and job completion.

Ideal Industries Networks