Water Damage Prevention with Flexible Installation

WaterCop PRO by DynaQuip provides plumbing leak protection while offering flexible installation options.  WaterCop PRO utilizes a combination of hardwired and wireless sensors, which communicate with an automatic shut-off valve to stop plumbing flooding. The system is ideal for custom-built or expansive homes, multi-family, condominiums, or commercial-use facilities. When water comes in contact with any of the flood sensors, the sensor will send a signal back to the WaterCop valve to close. Range enhancing repeaters are available to increase sensor coverage within the home.

DynaQuip Controls Corp. | www.watercop.com


Temperature Controlled Enclosures

Mier Products Inc. added to its line of temperature-controlled enclosures. These latest units offer security, fire and electrical installers the ability to protect fire-panels, DVRs, camera and gate systems, fiber-optic cable and other electronics mounted indoors, outdoors and in extreme environments. New items include seven non-metallic models for wireless applications and highly corrosive environments, and six rack-enclosure models, which include an internal 12-RU rack. 

Mier Products Inc. | www.mierproducts.com


Qualify Network Bandwidth

Using a full cable certifier is not always the most efficient choice when confirming if network cabling has been installed correctly, especially in residential, small business and even industrial Ethernet environments that don’t require certification to EIA/TIA or ISO/IEC standards. In those cases, the SignalTEK II multifunctional handheld cable and network qualifier from Ideal Industries Networks is a cost-effective alternative to certifiers. For small- to medium-sized LANs, SignalTEK II will validate that copper or fiber cabling is capable of supporting bandwidth-heavy voice, data, video (VDV) and IP-based video surveillance applications over 10/100 Megabit or Gigabit Ethernet.

Ideal Industries Networks | www.idealindustries.com/products/datacomm/testers/signaltek2.jsp


Enhanced VMS

Salient Systems Corp. announced the newest version of CompleteView video management system 4.1. This version offers an array of enhancements including Active Directory authentication support in the Video Proxy, PTZ support for CompleteView Cloud users, and PSIA integration. In addition, version 4.1 provides users with a new feature developed for tracking motion from multiple video cameras. QuickTrack allows users to track an event by dragging and dropping video feeds into the QuickTrack camera location on their monitor and capture the video recording for playback as a single video feed.

Salient Systems Corp. | www.salientsys.com


Dome Camera Offers Flexibility

Vitek Industrial Video Products Inc. announced the VTD-20VN indoor 1⁄3-in. 2.0 MP IP dome camera with optional integrated PoE. This ENVI Series camera offers EDGE recording with onboard SD or MicroSD card slots for on camera backup with remote access and playback. In addition, the VTD-20VN offers a 2.8-10 mm MP varifocal auto iris lens and up to 30 fps live view at 1920 by 1080 p over a TCP/IP Network. Other features include a progressive scan CMOS image sensor and H.264 video compression algorithm.

Vitek Industrial Video Products Inc. www.vitekcctv.com


Long-Range Barrier Sensors

Seco-Larm introduced the Enforcer Long-Range Barrier Sensors, available in four different lengths (26-in., 43-in., 61-in., and 79-in.) with a corresponding number of beam pairs (2, 4, 6, 8). The Long-Range Barrier Sensors provide vertical and horizontal coverage to give broad perimeter detection. All four models have an outdoor range of up to 190 ft. and an indoor range of up to 380 ft. The sensors are programmable, with four different frequency options to reduce interference between multiple units, and four specific response times.

Seco-Larm U.S.A. Inc. | www.seco-larm.com


Affordable HDTV-Quality Wireless Network Camera

Axis Communications announced the small and cost-efficient AXIS M1004-W network camera with advanced wireless connection capabilities, 720 p HDTV video quality and Axis’ One-Click Camera Connection technology. With support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), easy hosted video connection and edge recording to a network attached storage (NAS) device, AXIS M1004-W is ideal for small retail, office and residential surveillance users. Support for WPS protocol simplifies the process of configuring logical security on wireless networks with a push-button for automatic WLAN pairing. AXIS M1004-W network camera also features support for AXIS Video Hosting System with One-Click Camera Connection, making the cameras ideal for a hosted video solution.

Axis Communications | www.axis.com


Monitored CO Detectors

When dangerous amounts of CO are detected, the CO1224T and CO1224TR (round) CO detectors from System Sensor alert residents by sounding and flashing a temp 4 signal alarm. The CO1224T and CO1224TR CO detectors include RealTest technology, so they can be tested using a CO gas agent, fully meeting the requirements of NFPA 720: 2009. Designed for system operation, these detectors are fully listed to UL 2075 and offer a code-required trouble relay to send a sensor failure or end-of-life signal to the control panel and central station.

System Sensor | www.systemsensor.com


Commercial Software Platform for Scalable, Integrated Systems

Napco Gemini Commercial is the platform for scalable integrated commercial intrusion/fire and access systems, adaptable from addressable to conventional, wireless to hardwire, waterflow and fire, intrusion or a combination, even an economical access and badging option. Innovative built ins and value-adds, including pre-isolated circuits, extra power, more NACs and onboard dual-DACT saves on equipment costs and labor. A TCP/IP reporting option can save on phone line costs and is ideal for schools and campuses protecting people and property.

Napco | www.napcosecurity.com/NapcoCommercial.html


Deadbolt Includes Key Free Touchscreen

Yale Locks and Hardware announced the availability of a keyless touchscreen deadbolt that offers streamlined installation and enhanced security. The Yale Real Living Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt eliminates the cylinder, meaning that the lock cannot be picked or bumped. For installers, it means that installation is a smoother process. Residential electronic deadbolts with a mechanical key override add complexity to the installation and burden the homeowner with additional keys. By eliminating the key override, the Yale lock appeals not only to security- and convenience-conscious homeowners, but to installers, too, since installation requires no keying. Should the battery die, terminals on the bottom of the lock accept a nine-volt battery, which provides enough power to enter a valid code and gain access to the lock.

Yale Locks and Hardware



Controller Completes Downloads in Under Five Minutes

Continental Access’ Accelaterm CICP2800 Super-Speed 16-Door Controller supports eight to 16 readers and 40,000 to one million cardholders. The unit processes over 921 kbps for full downloads in five minutes. Accelaterm, with onboard direct-connect LAN adapter, 54 MHz 32-bit processor, and 4 to 20 MB memory, provides1/2-second door opens and FIPS/TWIC/CAC credential performance. Virtually environment- and power-outage proof, it has full-onboard lightning protection and fully distributed processing, and is powered by CA3000 v2.9 enterprise software.

Continental Access | www.cicaccess.com/controllers.html


Retrofit Controllers Replace Competitor’s Legacy Controllers

AMAG Technology announced the Symmetry Retrofit (SR) Controllers, designed for new installations, as well as for customers facing a security system limitation or end-of-life scenario with a competitor’s product. AMAG’s SR Controllers enable an upgrade of an aging or discontinued security management system and protect infrastructure investments by reusing existing cards, readers and wiring. The SR Controllers support up to 16 card readers and expand using plug-in door controller and I/O modules.

AMAG Technology | www.amag.com


Touchscreen Integrates  with Security System

DMP announced its DMP 7800 Graphic Touchscreen Keypad, which offers an interactive experience with a DMP security system. The 7800 provides end users with a graphical interface that blends with any décor, available in a white or black gloss. All system features and functions can be accessed via the carousel menu on the 5-in. full-color touchscreen. It is a four-wire bus keypad compatible with all DMP panels. Keypads include a proximity reader for codeless arming/disarming as well as support for four zones, for $124.50.  Dealers can offer this cost-effective keypad to customers with their logo branded on the keypad.

DMP | www.dmp.com


Hosted Video Solution

Honeywell’s hosted-video system gives companies a greater range of options for storing critical surveillance clips. MAXPRO Cloud 3.0 allows companies to expand video storage capabilities as needed, and the latest system features online tools that enable users to manage surveillance across multiple sites and sift through clips. The newest version of MAXPRO Cloud offers a combination of local storage, USB-based storage, a networked attached storage (NAS) appliance, and cloud-based backup. The system can email video clip links to users and it can also help dealers provide proactive service by alerting them to system-health issues such as camera loss, communications loss and local hard drive failure.

Honeywell | www.honeywell.com


Hemispheric Cameras Offer 360-Deg. Coverage

Vicon Industries Inc. introduced a line of Hemispheric Cameras that provide high-resolution, continuous 180-deg. or 360-deg. coverage. An integral fisheye lens and 4 MP sensor captures a complete 360-deg. view, which is delivered as two 180-deg. panoramic images visually stacked on top of each other within a single video stream. All de-morphing is performed within the cameras prior to transmission. The cameras transmit a choice of H.264, MPEG-4 SP and M-JPEG compressions with dual streaming. The V9360 models are true day/night cameras with advanced WDR and a mechanical IR cut filter. A MicroSD/MicroSDHC card slot allows for local storage. Power-over-Ethernet eliminates the need for power cables.

Vicon Industries Inc. | www.vicon-security.com


Outdoor Industrial Wireless Ethernet Alternative to 900 MHz

AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc. released the AW5802 family of products, which are ideal replacements for modest data rate (rates under 2 Mbps) installations where 802.11 systems are under-performing or failing completely due to insufficient range or excessive interference. The AW5802 products support a standard Ethernet interface and operate using a proprietary over-the-air protocol. The products allow installers to build line-of-sight, point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet links that connect “fringe” IP devices, including IP access control readers, remote printers, remote PCs, VoIP phones, point-of-sale devices, digital signage or industrial control devices.

AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc. www.avalanwireless.com


Outdoor PTZ Dome

OpenEye’s 36X Outdoor PTZ Dome is an IP66-rated weatherproof camera. With its all-in-one cabling design and integration with OpenEye DVRs and keyboard controllers, installation or configuration of the CM-512 camera is quick and easy. Features of the CM-512 include a 36X optical zoom, indoor/outdoor temperature controlled housing, and wide dynamic range (WDR). An internal fan and heater provide trouble free operation in extreme temperature environments, and an integrated sunshield protects against the harmful effects of extended sun exposure.

OpenEye | www.openeye.net


Card Readers for High-Security Applications

AMAG Technology announced new Javelin card readers available with and without keypads. The Javelin S874 Smartcard versions support contactless smart cards including DESFire EV1 and MIFARE Plus, and work with government PIV and TWIC cards. Simultaneously, the S870 125kHz proximity card variants have been released. Available with and without keypads, they offer similar features and are compatible with all HID and AMAG 125KHz proximity cards. Power consumption for the Javelin is automatically reduced through a ‘sleep’ mode, which reduces LED and keypad backlight brightness after a period of inactivity.

AMAG Techology | www.amag.com


Value Range Box and Micro Domes

Schneider Electric released its Pelco Sarix IL10 Series mini box and micro dome cameras. The high-definition IP network cameras offer a cost-effective solution for small- and medium-sized businesses. Part of Pelco’s Value Range of IP cameras, the Sarix IL10 Series cameras produce high-quality, color HDTV video, and the integrated fixed focal length lens enables sharp scene alignment. The series comes in four models. The PoE models integrate with PoE-enabled network switches or power injectors, eliminating the need for separate power supplies and cabling. The 24 VAC models are offered for installations where 24 VAC power already exists.

Schneider Electric www.pelco.com/sites/global/en/products/camera-solutions/sarix.page


Indoor Vandal-Resistant PTZ Domes

Axis Communications announced its indoor, vandal-resistant, ceiling-mounted pan/tilt/zoom dome cameras. AXIS M50-V PTZ dome network cameras are affordably priced for remote and discreet monitoring of indoor areas, such as schools, train stations, boarding areas and warehouses. The compact, lightweight AXIS M50-V features a robust casing that provides protection against vandalism. The IP66- and IK10-rated cameras are resistant to water, dust and vandalism. Additionally, the network cable is protected in the ceiling mount to enhance tamper protection.

Axis Communications | www.axis.com


Card Printer Supplies

Matica System, a manufacturer of card personalization and mailing systems and ID card printers, released its SmartSupply ribbons and overlay. The supplies come in a variety of multi-panel dye-sublimation color, dye-sublimation monochrome and thermal transfer monochrome ribbons. The SmartSupply ribbon family, featuring smart tags, is compatible to any legacy Speedimo print module and will be directly accessible on new systems shipped with built-in smart tag readers. Previously installed systems can access SmartSupply features via an upgrade tool. Benefits include automatic ribbon recognition, low ribbon warning alerts, and alerts to avoid mismatching between job requirements and installed ribbon types.

Matica System www.maticasystem.com


Talking Receiver Alerts Garage Door Status

Safety Technology International Inc. (STI) announced its Wireless Garage Sentry Alert with 4-Channel Voice Receiver (STI-V34300) that informs users if the garage or overhead door is open or closed. When the garage door sensor is activated, it sends a wireless radio signal to the receiver. The voice receiver offers 10 tones/tunes and 53 selectable words (in English or Spanish). Up to four tones/tunes or words can be programmed in sequence to identify door status. The STI-V34300 has up to 1,000-foot range (line of sight) between sensor and receiver.

Safety Technology International Inc. | www.sti-usa.com


Lipstick-Sized HDTV Bullet-Style Network Camera

Axis Communications announced its AXIS M2014-E network camera. The lipstick-sized camera’s functional and compact form factor with IP-66 rating makes it ideal for installations that need affordable, easy-to-use HDTV-quality video surveillance. AXIS M2014-E features a main unit and a separate 1.3 by 3.0 in. camera unit connected by a 26-ft. cable. This design allows for maximum installation flexibility by separating the camera’s lens and sensor from the main unit that houses components for image processing, networking, analytics, edge storage and connection ports.

Axis Communications | www.axis.com



The 1145-1-BP Key Fob Transmitter from DMP includes all the features of the 1145 1-button key fob plus the addition of proximity credentials for use with proximity readers. The one-button key fob provides the ability to arm or disarm security systems, or transmit a panic command. The built-in proximity credentials add the ability to arm/disarm and interact with access control proximity readers. All 1145 Series key fob transmitters are portable, and water resistant. The LED visual display acknowledges when a button is pressed.

DMP | www.dmp.com


SMS Web Interface

AMAG Technology released SymmetryWEB, a client software that allows an unlimited number of users to remotely access a Symmetry Security Management System via a Web interface to manage security. SymmetryWEB offers end users the flexibility to manage card holders and visitors remotely while still maintaining tight security. SymmetryWEB client also supports Symmetry Visitor Management. Security personnel or authorized users can register and manage visitors. This feature allows authorized users to pre-register guests from their computer or mobile device. 

AMAG Technology | www.amag.com


Rugged Domes with a Resolution Choice

Vicon Industries Inc. introduced the V920D Series of rugged indoor and outdoor network domes with a choice of standard definition, 720 p and 1080 p resolutions. These open-platform Roughneck cameras offer ONVIF compatibility, higher resolutions and a lower price than previous models. They are designed for harsh environments, are IP 66 rated, and have an IK 10 impact protection rating. The V920D cameras transmit H.264 high-profile, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG compressed video with dual or triple streaming. Features include motion detection, privacy masking, two-way audio and an SD card slot.

Vicon Industries Inc. | www.vicon-security.com


Pure-Digital Detector

EE Systems Group Inc.’s EE988DPG, eTri-Tech Protection Unit focuses on compatibility, affordability and practicality for residential, commercial and industrial intrusion detection and protection applications and has a built-in HP audible and HI-LED visual warning functionality that is compatible with third-party alarm control panels.

EE Systems Group Inc. | www.eesgi.com


HD Box and Bullet Promise Low-Light Performance

American Dynamics, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, introduced its Illustra 600 Series box and bullet cameras, which deliver HD video quality in all lighting conditions and include true day/night and wide dynamic range (WDR) features. The cameras offer 720 p and 1080 p. The 600LT models are ideal for smaller businesses that may only need 720 p resolution. The Illustra 600 box cameras can be used with a variety of lenses and housings. The 600 and 610 bullet cameras feature one-touch auto-focus functionality, allowing installers to make adjustments from the camera’s Web interface.

American Dynamics | www.americandynamics.net


SMS Enhances User Experience

Kantech, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, introduced EntraPass v6.00 security management software. The latest software build now includes support for the EntraPass Go mobile app and EntraPass Web. EntraPass Go enables administrators to interact with the EntraPass software using a mobile device. EntraPass Web provides real-time management capabilities for various security tasks, including telephone entry, card management, door control, live video, maps and alarm management. EntraPass software is scalable from a four-door small office to enterprise level applications.

Kantech | www.kantech.com


Access Control Management Updated

Linear LLC announced Hub Manager 8.1 Professional Software, upgraded to meet Windows 8 compliancy standards. The software is included with Secured Series systems and kits, as well as prox.pad Plus and LS2 Series products. New features include selectable modem retries; first-in auto unlock triggered by user; data transfer device for LS and prox.pad IR; faster data communication across IP networks; and data transfer support for printer software. Installers can expand time management reports and edit door access levels separately.

Linear LLC | www.linearcorp.com


Low-Profile DVR Lockbox

The DVR-LB3 from Video Mount Products (VMP) is a fan-cooled unit within a low-profile chassis, designed specifically for smaller DVRs and NVRs, and installations with limited space restrictions. The DVR-LB3 DVR lockbox includes a single fan, as well as a mounting location for a second fan should additional thermal management be required. Multiple vents with vent blockers for active or passive thermal management also are incorporated.

Video Mount Products | www.videomount.com


Enhanced Access Control Management Software

CyberLock Inc. released several software enhancements to its CyberAudit Professional management system. CyberAudit Professional 3.0 software offers streamlined reporting and notification capabilities, compatibility with CyberKey Vaults and Flex System input and output devices, and provides activation for the Flex System Door and I/O module relay device. By using the CyberLock Flex System Door and I/O module, organizations can integrate with third-party Wiegand compatible access control devices, making the technology more suitable for organizations looking for a cost-effective way to expand their access control systems.

CyberLock Inc. | www.cyberlock.com


Equipment Rack with  Expansion Kit

Video Mount Products (VMP) announced its ER-148 Equipment Rack with new ER-148-4PKIT Expansion Kit. The ER-148 is an EIA compliant, steel-constructed equipment rack with a rail height of 48-in. and 27 available rack spaces. The ER-148-4PKIT expands the two-post rack to a four-post rack. The ER-148 provides easy assembly and a vented, functional and compatible rack that meets the challenges faced by tight and component-laden commercial, home theater, and other low voltage installations.

Video Mount Products www.videomount.com


Rolling Tool Bags

Klein Tools expanded its line of tool bags. The Tradesman Pro Organizer Rolling Tool Bag features 6-in. wheels and is load tested up to 200 lbs. The Hacksaw Electrician’s Bag has 48 pockets, including a top-loading outside pocket for a standard 16.5-in. hacksaw. The Attachable Hacksaw Holder has a quick link that attaches and secures to tool bags, carts and ladders. It can fit a hacksaw and has a protective lining to prevent blade damage. The Tradesman Pro Electrician’s Tool Belt features a tape measure holder that allows use of the tape measure without removing it. 

Klein Tools | www.kleintools.com


Wireless PA System

Loudmouth Wireless PA system from Ritron Inc. allows schools, universities and other public facilities to use an existing portable two-way radio, base station or mobile radio to deliver live voice messages up to two miles away.  It is ideal for varied situations including mass notifications for weather emergencies, security announcements, or alerts to avoid open areas. The technology requires no trenching and no extensive wiring and is suited for locations where a hard-wired PA system is impractical because of the cost and feasibility of routing wire to desired locations, or if the application is temporary.  

Ritron Inc. | www.ritron.com


NVRs for Small and Medium Businesses

LenovoEMC Ltd., which provides network storage products under the Iomega brand, announced a line of network video recorders (NVRs) with expanded video surveillance capabilities. The LenovoEMC NVRs are ideal for businesses with an existing network storage-based video surveillance network as well as those upgrading from analog-based systems. The NVRs feature Milestone Arcus video management software (VMS) from Milestone. The product family includes three models: the double-drive LenovoEMC px2-300d NVR and two versions of the LenovoEMC px4-300d NVR, one with 4 TB and eight camera licenses and one with 8 TB and 16 camera licenses.

LenovoEMC Ltd. | www.lenovoemc.com


CCTV Power-Thru Converter Balun

MuxLab Inc. announced the CCTV Power-Thru Converter Balun (500024-CNV). The balun allows video and remote power to be transmitted via one Cat 5e/6 cable, therefore eliminating the need to install multiple cables in analog security and surveillance environments. The 500024-CNV converts 24 VAC to DC in order to allow 12 VDC cameras to be remotely powered from a central 24 VAC CCTV power supply.

MuxLab Inc. | www.muxlab.com


Full HD Compact Outdoor  Dome Camera

D-Link announced its Full HD Mini Fixed Dome Network Camera (DCS-6210). Designed for operation in the harshest of conditions, the DCS-6210 is ideal for transportation, retail and school environments. The cameras feature a rugged industry-certified IK10 and IP66 housing. The DCS-6210 is equipped with a two-megapixel CMOS image sensor for video and snapshots with up to 1920 by 1080 resolution. For easy ceiling deployment, the DCS-6210L features a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) port. Alternatively, the DCS-6210 can be powered by 12 VDC.

D-Link | www.dlink.com


Advanced Analytics on Any Device

VideoIQ announced the Rialto R-Series, a modular video analytic appliance with support for up to 16 IP or analog cameras. The R-Series enables users to be aware 24/7/365 with analytics. VideoIQ identifies suspicious activity as it unfolds. With the R-Series, users can add video analytics to virtually any new or existing system and monitor their facility via smartphone, tablet or with the help of a central monitoring station. VideoIQ’s mobile app for iPhone and Android allows users to view live events and respond in real-time to detected threats by calling law enforcement or initiating the audio talk feature.

VideoIQ | www.videoiq.com


Video Management for Small Businesses

American Dynamics, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, introduced the VideoEdge Hybrid and Desktop/Mini-Tower NVR with VideoEdge Client and victor Express Client. The VideoEdge Hybrid records and manages video from both analog and IP cameras. The Desktop/Mini-Tower NVR offers 200 Mbps throughput. The VideoEdge Client brings video management directly onto the VideoEdge recorder, allowing for video streaming, audio, video analytics operations and event management. For customers securing single sites with multiple recorders, the victor Express Client offers the ability to manage video from multiple Intellex DVRs and VideoEdge NVR/Hybrids from a single interface.

American Dynamics



PoE/PoE+ Access Control System

DAQ Electronics released EntroWatch, an access control system offering full integration of PoE/PoE+ and native BACnet technology for commercial applications. Designed to communicate with any ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010 compliant system, EntroWatch enables integration of access control, security, and building management systems including lighting controls, HVAC, energy management and life safety. The use of an open protocol allows users to maximize the operating efficiency of their systems resulting in increased security, occupant comfort and reduced operating costs.

DAQ Electronics | www.daq.net


Coating Keeps Hands Safe during Wire Pulls

Klein Tools introduced Splinter Guard Fish and Glow Rods with a proprietary protective coating to keep hands free of fiberglass splinters when wire pulling. The coating safeguards hands from the raw fiberglass shards that become exposed when rods scrap against the sharp edges of electrical boxes, wire trays and threaded rod. Fish and glow rods are used to install wires above ceilings, through walls, and under carpets and raised floors. Splinter Guard Rods are available in a variety of lengths and flexibilities. Sections can be threaded together to customize length without tools.

Klein Tools | www.kleintools.com


Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

Elk Products announced the ELK-6030 wireless PIR motion sensor. The PIR works with the M1 control along with the ELK-M1XRFTW two-way wireless transceiver. Intended for residential and light commercial installations, ELK’s wireless PIR motion sensor allows the installer to enable/disable Walk Test Mode from a keypad. The high-intensity white LED convenience/security light identifies when the sensor is detecting motion. The light offers several modes of activation and operation, including wirelessly triggering on-flashing during alarm events and on-solid by motion while the control is in Away Mode.

Elk Products Inc.



Centrally Managed Surveillance

Milestone Systems announced XProtect Expert and a new system concept, Milestone Interconnect. XProtect Expert 2013 is designed for medium and large installs. The central management interface allows large systems with multiple recording servers to be managed as one uniform system. With features for live monitoring, centralized management and high-performance video recording, XProtect Expert provides scheduled and event-driven rules to automate security actions and control external systems. Milestone Interconnect can connect different XProtect VMS products with XProtect Corporate 2013 to manage centralized surveillance across geographically dispersed sites.

Milestone Systems | www.milestonesys.com


8-Port PoE Switch for IP Surveillance

The DGS-1100-08P is D-Link’s first EasySmart switch to deliver Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capabilities for IP surveillance, VoIP phone and access point deployment. Equipped with eight 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet ports, the DGS-1100-08P complies with the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard. The DGS-1100-08P supports a SmartConsole Utility and a Web-based management interface for users without advanced network training. This management interface allows network administrators to control and monitor the PoE attributes on each port, including priority assignments, power threshold limits and actual PoE power usage.  

D-Link | www.dlink.com


Two-Way Wireless Touchscreen Arming Station

DSC, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, introduced the 2-Way Wireless Touchscreen Arming Station (WTK5504). The wireless touchscreen features voice prompts and a voice chime that provide verbally enunciated system status updates. It also offers a 4.3-in. full-color display with quick-view LED status, programmable user functions, a night light and 24-hour battery backup. The touchscreen can be installed anywhere in a house, on a wall or a desk stand mount.

DSC | www.dsc.com


Multiple Sources Power Remote Surveillance

Sentry View Systems launched the SentrySPEAR, a remote surveillance solution transported on a standard size cargo, flatbed truck or trailer. SentrySPEAR is equipped with a sophisticated imaging solution and is paired with SentryVCA video content analytics and SentryEDGE IDM rugged video and alarm storage server. SentrySPEAR is powered by SentryPOWER CORE, which is remote power storage capable of simultaneously storing power from three separate sources. SentrySPEAR draws power from multiple channels to carry the system longer and more reliably. The system is equipped with telescoping mast, wireless radio remote connectivity and optional wide-area RF sensor.

Sentry View Systems Inc.



Cloud Video Surveillance

Smartvue Corp. launched its Smartvue S9i cloud video surveillance server, powered by Intel NUC and Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Azure. S9i supports plug-and-play integration for more than 300 cameras from dozens of vendors. S9i mobile surveillance capabilities work with apps for tablets and smartphones running Windows 8, iOS, and Android. Point-and-click configuration enables users to integrate cloud powered video surveillance using existing networks, hardware and infrastructure, and the product runs in almost any browser on Windows and Apple computers with no software to install.

Smartvue Corp. | www.smartvue.com


Modular Surveillance Products

Aware Digital Inc. unveiled its SC3 technology (situational collection, situational communication, situational control) for video collection, transmission and management. The IPVM line of modular surveillance products provides a range of remote video and audio capabilities. The core components of the solution include a fully integrated single board solution for video routing, encoding and wireless transmission as well as a modular and stackable architecture. The SC3 base station unit features a TSOS operating system based on Linux and is capable of converting any analog or IP camera and microphone into an IP video and transmission system with no other external equipment.

Aware Digital Inc. | www.awaredigital.com


Control Stations for Any Space

Winsted Corp. introduced E-SOC control stations. Ideal for any control room application, E-SOC control stations are part workstation, part console and completely adaptable. Designed for ergonomic comfort and adjustability, E-SOC control stations feature Winsted’s Versa-Trak monitor mounting system. Versa-Trak allows users to modify sightlines and monitor viewing angles based on individual needs. By incorporating a hinged corner in the base of E-SOC control stations, pre-defined angles are eliminated, making it possible to design a control station that fits in any space.

Winsted Corp. | www.winsted.com


Drop-Bolt Lock Ensures Alignment

Dortronics Systems Inc. introduced the Dortronics 3412 Series Drop-Bolt Locks as a heavy-duty locking solution for single- or double-acting inswing or outswing doors, including Herculite frameless glass doors. The unit’s automatic alignment sensor simplifies installation and helps ensure a working lock. The 3412 Series Drop-Bolt Locks include an intelligent logic circuit that keeps the drop-bolt retracted until the door has been closed and is aligned to ensure engagement of the lock bolt. The design also features a fully adjustable mechanical alignment to compensate for excessive door gap, up to 3⁄16-in. wide.

Dortronics Systems Inc. | www.dortronics.com


Multi-Point Integrated  Wiegand Lock

Sargent, an ASSA ABLOY Group brand, added the 7000 Series Multi-Point Lock to the Harmony Series of integrated Wiegand access control locks. The lock combines the security of Harmony Series access control with a locking solution for applications where exit devices are not required, such as conference rooms and auxiliary doors. The 7000 series is a concealed vertical rod lock that features ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hardware with direct Wiegand output. The 7000 Series supports HID 125 kHz Prox or 13.56 MHz iCLASS credentials and offers full monitoring capabilities and an open-architecture platform.

Sargent | www.sargentlock.com


Modular Design Command Consoles

Winsted Corp. introduced EnVision Command Consoles with a modular design. Winsted’s EnVision consoles are available in single, double or triple tier configurations. Each tier supports a 7½-in. or 15-in. high slat-track section with multiple monitor mounting positions for optimal sightlines and ergonomically correct viewing angles. An array of slat-track accessories are available to help reduce clutter and keep workstations organized. EnVision consoles feature a cable trough that hooks onto the slat-track with no tools required, allowing flexible positioning and fast access for maintenance and upgrades.

Winsted Corp. | www.winsted.com


Ethernet Switches

American Fibertek Inc. added two products to its line of Ethernet devices. The CX series of Ethernet switches feature four 10/100 Base-TX RJ45 ports with PoE capability, two 1000 Base-X SFP ports, four contacts in/out, two probe ports and a serial port. The CXB-6pand CX-6p Ethernet switches are designed to be completely transparent with auto negotiation features. Auto MDI/MDIX operation eliminates the potential need for crossover cables, and diagnostic indicators provide a visual indication of system status. Two AFI USB style probe ports can be used to monitor temperature, airflow, humidity, line voltage, frequency and power.

American Fibertek Inc. | www.americanfibertek.com


Camera Line Adds Options and Features

Samsung announced additions to its line of iPOLiS video surveillance cameras with the company’s WiseNet III technology. The 2.4 megapixel, 1080 p iPOLiS cameras feature a recording rate of 60 fps at 2.4 megapixel resolution; wide dynamic range (WDR) of 100 dB; “defog” capability; low-light recording at 0.1 Lux; multi-crop streaming; region of interest (ROI) facial recognition; P-iris enhancement; dual H.264 and MJPEG codecs; and event and intelligent on-board analytics.

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Digital Emergency Call System

Cornell Communications introduced the 4800 Digital Rescue Assistance System, which allows more than 200 remote stations to communicate directly — through a microphone or loudspeaker — with hands-free technology. An external modem connection provides the main control panel with a built-in public telephone feature. The system supervises all call stations, control panels and expansion switches to ensure operation and immediate identification of any defect. The control panels include a programmable automatic dial feature connecting the caller to an external telephone line.

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Controller Interface

HAI by Leviton announced the launch of its KNX Gateway, an interface allowing Omni and Lumina Ethernet-based controllers to communicate with and control KNX devices through KNX’s standardized network communications BUS protocol. Lighting devices, temperature and energy management, motors for window coverings, shades, and shutters are among the many KNX devices that can be controlled in homes and businesses from an HAI by Leviton interface or automated via controller programming. The KNX Gateway maps specific data points of each KNX device to a unit or thermostat number on the controller.

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Multi-Room Music Servers

CasaTunes announced a line of Multi-Room Music Servers with seamless integration of popular multi-zone AV receivers. The CasaTunes Music Servers start at three wired rooms and five wireless rooms, and support up to 24 wired rooms with 10 wireless rooms. The Multi-Zone AV Receiver integration adds even more flexibility, allowing users to leverage their current technology to power CasaTunes music servers throughout a house. The receivers can power CasaTunes in one or more rooms, without needing to purchase a separate multi-channel amplifier.

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Z-Wave Lighting Products

Linear LLC added Z-Wave lighting products to its line of wireless residential and commercial offerings. The company’s Z-Wave lighting control products include wall dimmers, wall switches, wall outlets, lamp modules, appliance modules, three-way switches/dimmers, fixture modules, as well as international versions of the same products. The products fit in with Linear’s recent acquisition of 2GIG Technologies since 2GIG’s GO! Control platform is Z-Wave certified and provides a control panel for the management of lighting, security and access control.

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