Bosch camera overlooks Netherlands inauguration of Prince Willem-Alexander. Image courtesy of Bosch Security Systems.

Prince Willem-Alexander’s swearing-in posed a challenge for Amsterdam’s police force, who had to monitor the large crowds expected around the castle, on the dam, as well as alongside the route of the celebrations. In addition, they had to shield the royal couple and the visitors from any attack. Amsterdam’s police looked for a partner who would be able to support them in terms of video surveillance as well as monitoring the streams of visitors. They decided on Connection Systems, Venhuizen, Netherlands, which specializes in the video surveillance of large-scale events and freely moving crowds. Connection Systems was founded in 2000 and has been utilizing Bosch Security Systems, Munich, Germany, solutions since then.  

To reinforce the police’s own monitoring network, 75 additional Bosch AutoDome cameras were installed in Amsterdam. These were integrated within the existing security network, and positioned 6 meters above ground level. In addition, the cameras were connected to 35 UPS boxes that would have maintained operations in the event of a power blackout. The installation of the surveillance system took three weeks and was ready in time for all of the rehearsals necessary prior to April 30. This was to ensure that all likely risks during the event were covered, and that the police would always be in full control of the situation. 

Connection Systems reported that it decided to use Bosch cameras for two major reasons: their robust construction makes them easy to mount and dismount, and the permanent availability of Bosch’s technical support service. Frank Wagemans, director at Connection Systems, pointed out after the ceremonies that not one event had failed in the company’s history when using this camera solution.

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