A recently thwarted car theft in Fort Lauderdale is just the latest in a long list of apprehensions that Sonitrol’s SonaVision has aided law enforcement officials in making.


What was planned as an early morning joyride recently turned in to a ride straight to jail for four would-be car thieves in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The four found themselves in police custody thanks to a combination of SonaVision, Sonitrol’s wireless real-time video intrusion system, and effective police response. When the auto rental company’s motion activated camera began transmitting video, the Sonitrol central station operator saw two people attempting to enter several cars on the lot.

The operator immediately alerted the Broward County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher that a verified incident was in progress. When deputies arrived, the four suspects had already attempted to flee, damaging a silver Nissan Altima in the process. The responding officers immediately saw the damaged vehicle and arrested the driver on a felony charge. His three passengers were also detained for questioning.

“Real-time verified video security monitoring gives law enforcement accurate and potentially life-saving information,” said John Ray III, president of Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale. “Car rental companies and auto dealers have used security cameras for years. The SonaVision system differs in that it doesn’t just record for future viewing — it sends real-time video to a 24-hour monitoring station.”

Sonitrol’s central station operators can verify whether an incident is in progress, the number of suspects, whether they’re armed, and other crucial details.

By reducing costly false alarms, verified video monitoring is also a proven tool for conserving law enforcement resources, Ray noted.  The new wireless SonaVision system incorporates a motion detector and camera lens in one unit and is designed to be easy and economical to install. The system can be moved throughout a property and provides wireless carrier service without impacting customers’ bandwidth or phone systems.

“Due to your verified alarm system, quick-thinking Sonitrol operators and a fast call to the Sheriff’s dispatch center, a felony suspect was arrested, stolen car recovered, and further loss to the business averted,” stated one of the Broward Sheriff’s Office responding deputies.