DSCI UI monitor inbodyTyco Security Products, a division of Tyco, partnered with Telguard, a division of Telular Corporation, to offer industry-leading interactive service solutions to support its DSC Intrusion Security products.

Tyco Security Products is committed to an interactive future for DSC and all of its intrusion brands, the company stated. To that end, the company revised its interactive strategic direction to focus on the continued development and delivery of quality intrusion products which enable its partners to provide the best possible interactive services.  Tyco Security Products will be working with multiple interactive service partners going forward.

Under this new strategic direction, Telular is the first interactive service to partner with DSC to offer customers DSC’s hardware in combination with Telguard’s security communications solutions.

Users of DSC’s current C24 Interactive offering will migrate, through a transition period, to Telguard’s HomeControl offering, via the iControl Networks’ OpenHome™ software platform, Tyco explained. Current C24 Interactive dealers can carry on activating and adding interactive services without disruptionuntil the migration date, but will need to sign on as a Telguard authorized reseller to continue offering interactive services to end users after the migration date. Migration to

Telguard HomeControl will allow customers to continue to use interactive services to arm and disarm IMPASSA or PowerSeries security panels, create triggers based on the panels’ sensors, support Z-Wave® devices, and view live or event driven video.  All existing DSC products compatible with interactive services will be available for use with new partners. DSC customers will be able to leverage new cellular service options through the integration of Telguard SIM services into the DSC range of interactive communicators operating through the OpenHome platform. 

The migration of C24 Interactive to Telguard HomeControl does not affect users of C24 Communications (Connect 24), only users of the C24 Interactive service.

 “We recognized the expertise of Telguard as a service provider, making them an ideal company to partner with. Their commitment to move forward, working with iControl, to provide high quality, reliable service and customer support complements our own passion for delivering world-class security hardware and services.  We are dedicated to the future of Interactive services and to providing compatibility and choice through the Tyco global family of products.” said Stephen Meagher, director of product management - Interactive Security Services, Tyco Security Products.

For information, including a transition FAQ, visit http://www.connect24.com/c24interactive/transition.php.