DDCompact_enewsA leading social media company completed an internal pilot this year of Door Detective® Compact and has standardized on Door Detective to enhance door security with tailgate detection, announced Smarter Security Inc., Austin, Texas, a provider of entrance control and outdoor security solutions. The customer has since placed three orders for Door Detective for locations on the West Coast and in Canada, and most recently for an office building on the East Coast.

“We are excited to be working with this customer that sees the value in upgrading doorway access control for many of its business locations,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “Technology companies frequently have valuable intellectual property or sensitive data that makes it worth spending a little bit more to dramatically increase the protection level. Accountability is critical. As this customer found in its extensive testing, Door Detective works very well and provides the serious door security leading organizations need.”

The most recent order by the social media company was for a single unit of Smarter Security’s Door Detective CL to help secure the entry to a data center on the East Coast. Previous orders totaling eight units were all for Compact models — favored by the customer due to aesthetics — and were used for tailgate detection on suite entry doors in multi-tenant buildings. Concerns about the security risk in shared-space buildings prompted the customer to conduct the initial Door Detective pilot. The six-week pilot demonstrated Door Detective’s effectiveness and accuracy in alarming tailgaters and piggy backers while enforcing the company’s requirement for everyone to use credentials.

Door Detective is a tailgate detection system available from Smarter Security with three models to choose from, including the EL, CL, and Compact. The different models have unique aesthetics as well as differences in visual alarm signals and price levels. In addition to forcing authorization for all entrants, Door Detective also ensures direction integrity and is used to assist with anti-passback enforcement for highly secure facilities, the company described.

Smarter Security Inc. also offers Fastlane optical turnstiles and perimeter intrusion detection systems, including SmarterFence, a fiber optic fence-mounted sensor. For information, visit www.smartersecurity.com.