Linear LLC, Carlsbad, Calif., a provider of residential and commercial access control, security and health and wellness solutions, introduced two new modules for the PERS-4200 emergency reporting system. The UMTS-3G Cellular Module and the Wireless Remote Speaker/Microphone (RSM-1) help Linear meet the needs of caregivers, aging-in-place adults, persons with disabilities and other PERS product users.

The UMTS-3G Cellular Module lets PERS-4200 users cut landline cords and communicate solely through cellular service, or keep the landline and have 3G wireless connectivity as a PERS system backup. Data and two-way voice communications are available from the plug-in module that installs in the PERS-4200 console's data port. The Cellular Module leverages the national 3G network.

Linear's RSM Remote Speaker/Microphone Module is designed for use in the bathroom, laundry room, second floor, basement or anywhere within range of the main PERS-4200 console; extending two-way voice communication without the need for additional, more expensive consoles. Users simply press the button on their PERS transmitter and they can talk with a central station operator via the RSM's speakerphone during an emergency. The RSM comes in tabletop and wall-mounted versions.

"Our new PERS modules help users stay more connected by venturing beyond traditional emergency reporting with important convenience and communication features," said Duane Paulson, senior vice president of product and market development. "These modules will help dealers address the lifestyle demands of an expanding PERS market."

The Linear PERS-4200 contributes to healthier and safer living. To simplify operation, it speaks to subscribers from its 165-word vocabulary offering alerts, setup options and supervisory prompts. The device can be used to remind users to take medications, meet a scheduled ride, prepare for an appointment, call a relative, and more. It also connects to smoke and fire alarms, communicating with a central station when emergencies are detected. The PERS-4200 offers a transmission range of up to 1,000' and multi-lingual software suites (English, Spanish, French).