Moog Inc., Decatur, Ga., announced at ISC West that it provided the U.S. Department of State an around-the-clock imaging system for overseas facilities to detect terrorist and security threats in low-light and nighttime conditions. The Moog imaging system helps the State Department upgrade security at its overseas facilities and protect employees from threats, the manufacturer stated.

Moog said it developed the rugged imaging system, which includes a positioner, night vision technology, camera, sensors, illuminator and search light, specifically for the State Department’s needs. The Moog imaging system recognizes and identifies threats that are impossible to see with thermal sensors and conventional surveillance tools.

“We engineered this system for the State Department and ensured it could stand up to the toughest environments,” said Nicholas Naioti, Moog’s director of sales for North America.

For example, the State Department’s requirements included a high-power spotlight that Moog identified and integrated with its imaging system, the company said. Moog also tapped its defense industry experts to provide an illuminator and hybrid lens capability, which gives security staff a way to easily adjust their field of view as conditions change.

“We’re giving the State Department a way to extend its field of vision, which means more time to react to threats,” Naioti described.

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