IPVideo Corp. , a manufacturer of IP-based video surveillance and command center solutions, was awarded the 2014 ListNET Long Island Software Award for the development of its Global Fusion Center, opened earlier this year at its corporate headquarters in Bay Shore, N.Y. LISTNet, which stands for Long Island Technology Network, is an organization dedicated to promoting Long Island as one of the national centers of excellence for software and technology solutions. Its roster of members includes CA Inc., IBM Corp., Motorola, Lexmark, Verizon and Brookhaven National Labs. IPVideo was honored at an awards ceremony on May 7, 2014.

The Global Fusion Center offers manned, 24/7 real-time surveillance and security verification services for corporations, government agencies, municipalities, schools and school districts, energy providers, and health-care facilities.

IPVideo developed the technology powering the Global Fusion Center. This custom software called C3Fusion™ is a physical security information management (PSIM) solution that allows for the rapid integration of disparate security data into one easy-to-monitor interface. The Global Fusion Center provides comprehensive command-center services to customers, including video verification of security events, virtual guard tours, and first response to specified security alerts.

“Our Global Fusion Center is a one-of-a-kind visual verification, monitoring and response center. This center creates a new model for offering effective and efficient PSIM-based security to customers, regardless of their location,” said David Antar, president of IPVideo.

Professionals monitoring security for clients out of the Global Fusion Center have the ability to easily monitor large networks of cameras and sensors. When incidents occur, all disparate information is brought together into one common operating picture. All relevant data is clearly presented, allowing security personnel to have the ability to respond immediately to critical incidents with the appropriate level of response.

For information visit www.ipvideocorp.com.