Securing America can involve a simple installation or a complex, engineered project. But it always involves providing peace of mind.

The process for collecting the data that goes into the SDM 100 Report — the gold standard of industry reports — is laborious, but extremely rewarding. For example, one of the questions SDM asks security companies is “Describe a recent project or installation that you feel demonstrates your firm’s capabilities and staff talents well.” The responses are always impressive. For example, Guardian Protection Services reported that it designed and installed an integrated system over a 16-building campus, unified at a central security command center that included custom cabinetry to house cutting-edge technology. Protection 1 converted security systems at 4,600 stores in a six-month period using a “Seal Team” of highly trained technicians named for its quick effectiveness and mobile attributes.

Interface Security Systems completed a managed service deployment with 1,200 sites for a national retailer, which included secured managed broadband, IP, burglar, fire alarm and digital voice. Culminating with work done in 2013, ADS Security supported a nationwide medical billing and transcription firm with its managed access control system, SecureDoor. Installations have taken place at seven geographically dispersed locations throughout the United States. SecureDoor is based upon the installation of an access control system, involving traditional hardware. By creating an IP link to this system that allows SecureDoor to connect with ADS Security’s central station, the dealer is able to integrate the customer’s site with ADS Security’s associates who can not only print logoed cards to the customer’s specifications, but also can field calls around the clock to activate new cards, remove users from the system, unlock doors, change schedules, and more.

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You can read more about these and other projects on page 64 of this issue. Among SDM 100 dealers as well as throughout the industry, routine security installations as well as more complex projects like these are signs of success for the industry and progress towards a more secure America. Security dealers are capitalizing on a force multiplier called “technology refresh,” which is marked by end users releasing previously held-back spending for upgrades to their older security systems. Whether it takes the form of upgrading hardware — such as a conversion from analog to IP or from hardwired to wireless products — or transitioning from a strictly on-site hardware-based system to off-site managed services — or expanding control of their security with a mobile app, customers are showing that security remains a significant concern both at home and at work.

Among the installations reported by SDM 100 companies, none captured my attention as much as this one, reported by Raleigh, N.C.-based Security Force Inc.:

“We recently protected a family that had been broken into while still in the home. The family was traumatized by this event. After we protected them, they were able to sleep soundly again.”

No one needs to ever have been traumatized in that way to be moved by that description. It says it all about our industry. When it comes to providing peace of mind, the home security system that Security Force provided for this customer ranks equally with the most sophisticated integrated commercial security systems installed.

Obviously, there are many reasons the security industry continues to grow and technologies and services continue to be developed. Insurance and regulations compliance, risk mitigation, employee and customer protection, liability, even business intelligence, to name a few. Peace of mind is the crux of many of these and importantly feeds the mission of not only the SDM 100, but also the industry as a whole.