cloud_ADTADT, Boca Raton, Fla., extended its video surveillance capabilities with new cloud-based and enhanced local DVR offerings designed to meet the unique needs of small business owners. In the past, ADT’s offerings for small business were similar to those offered to residential clients. “As the leader in supplying small businesses, we realized we needed to change our strategy and approach,” said Luis Orbegoso, ADT small business president.

The new offerings from ADT are able to address the wide variety of needs of small business owners. “There are dramatic differences in this arena. You have retail shops, whose primary concern is the shrinkage of inventory due to theft, and you have legal or medical offices, who would be worried about client ID-theft, stolen information or prescription theft,” Orbegoso explained. “The markets we serve have specific needs and we have designed packages to meet them.”

While the solutions can work for anyone, the five vertical markets, mentioned by Orbegoso in a recent interview with SDM, are retail, food and beverage, clinical, professional offices, and mechanical. Currently ADT serves 450,000 small business clients, which the company claims is a 14 percent market share. The new cloud storage solutions can help owners increase audit capabilities with motion-triggered video storage and alerts, as well as archived video playback for incident investigations.

“This type of system is ideal for a small business owner who might operate a kiosk in a mall, for example. They don’t need perimeter security, but they would probably want video surveillance,” Orbegoso explained.

The new cloud storage solutions require minimal IT support, a significantly lower up-front cost with broadband-enabled cameras and offer scalable video storage options, according to the company. It adds that for small business owners who manage multiple locations, the new onsite DVR storage solutions offer on-premise video storage to help monitor employee and customer interactions, prevent crime and deter theft, especially in retail and food and beverage environments. With a local DVR, users can program event-triggered activity alerts and access a video history of video-captured activities through smart search functions on their devices at any time.

“You can program analytics into your system, depending on your business needs,” Orbegoso said. “These solutions are affordable and easy to use. You can program them and then forget about them,” Orbegoso said. “Nobody knows security like ADT. We are the leader in small business security and our intent is to offer even better solutions going forward.”

Since economy is often a concern for small business owners, the price points were designed by ADT to be affordable. ADT’s Cloud Storage Solutions start at $249 for installation of a one-camera package and $34.99 a month for the video hosting service.  These new solutions are in addition to the company’s offering of real-time video capabilities with ADT Pulse®.